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Rīgas Brāļu kapi
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When the Republic of Latvia regained its independence, the historical tradition of our soldiers and the nation was restored by troops of the Security Service of the Latvian Saeima and State President headed by Colonel Juris Vectirans. After paying a visit to battle sites in Lozmetejkalns and Tirelpurvs, 50 officers, military instructors and soldiers lit candles in the evening twilight, laid flowers and stood as a honour guard by the image of Mother Latvia and at the altar of the Holy Fire at the Riga Brethren Cemetery. The following year, organisation of the important ceremony was taken over by the Battalion of the Defence Forces Headquarters. Our soldiers carry on the tradition established by the Latvian freedom fighters and take care to ensure this tradition is preserved. It is also a symbolic link connecting us to the old Latvian riflemen on the ideological plane.
Following the restoration of the national independence of Latvia, the reburial of several significant military persons of the Latvian Army who died in exile has also taken place at the Riga Brethren Cemetery.  General Rudolfs Bangerskis and Colonel Vilis Janums of the Latvian Army have been reburied in the soil of the native land. Evalds Valters, an outstanding Latvian actor and a former soldier of the Latvian Riflemen regiments, and Herberts Saulitis and Alberts Ameriks, the last two men of the once large group of chevaliers of the Lacplesis Military Order, participants of the Latvian independence fights, have also been buried at the Riga Brethren Cemetery during this period of time.
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